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Zone 7 is financed from ten different funds, each of which has a specific purpose and source. These funds are: 

Fund Purpose
General Fund Flood Control/General Administration Property Tax
State Water                  
Facilities Fund
State Water Project Fixed Charges Property Tax Override
Water Facilities Fund Water Enterprise Water Sales
General Obligation             
Bond Fund
Capital Flood Control/Water Enterprise Projects Bond Sales

Flood Protection & Stormwater Drainage Development Impact Fee Fund

1: Project Construction

2: Developer Reimbursement

Drainage Fees
Water Enterprise/Reclamation Trust Fund Reclamation of Quarry Mining Areas Tonnage/ Recharge Fees
Vehicle Acquisition Fund Motor Vehicle Purchases Mileage Fees
Water Enterprise         
Expansion Fund
Expansion of Water Facilities/Water Supply Connection Fees
Water Enterprise Improve/Replacement Funds Replace/Improve System Equipment and Facilities Water Sales


To view Zone 7's financial documents, click here.