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Zone 7 is planning a flood protection project along the Arroyo Mocho between Arroyo Road and Holmes Street in Livermore. The primary purpose of this project is to reduce flood risk to the surrounding community during large storm events. The Medeiros Parkway reach represents one of the last remaining areas of natural floodplain within the urban center. Here, flood waters will be detained within the natural and enhanced floodplain and braided channels along Medeiros Parkway. The project also seeks to improve sediment management, enhance riparian and other habitat, and may augment local groundwater recharge. Although the project does not include construction of park facilities, the design will be compatible with current and anticipated future recreational uses in the area.

Project Schedule: Project planning, design, and permitting will continue through 2018. Construction is anticipated between April and October 2019.

Project Contact: Emily Moshier, Associate Engineer (925) 454-5035

Previous Work: In 2014, Zone 7 completed improvements on the Arroyo Mocho in the Stanley Reach, the one-mile stretch of creek between Murrieta Blvd. and Isabel Ave.