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 Flooding in the Livermore-Amador Valley is nothing new.

 1938 -- Holmes Street at Arroyo Mocho1935_holmes_mocho.jpg in Livermore










Christmas Eve flooding in 1955 -- two years before Zone 7 was created in part to provide flood protection -- left much of northern Pleasanton, in the vicinity of where Hacienda Business Park now stands, under water.



The following two photos (courtesy of the Amador Livermore Valley Museum) were taken near Hopyard Road in Pleasanton during that same December 1955 storm.






1993 Arroyo Mocho, Pleasanton1993_mocho_ptown.jpg

More recent flooding, in 1998, occurred at El Charro Ranch, located between Pleasanton and Livermore.



Since its inception in 1957, Zone 7 has taken several steps to reduce flooding potential. Additional measures have been identified in the Agency's Stream Management Master Plan

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