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Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has ended the energy portion of the High-Efficiency Clothes Washer rebate program. PG&E and Zone 7 will continue to accept applications for rebates, including both the energy and water portion, for purchases made on or before December 31, 2016. Customers have 60 days to submit these dual applications. Zone 7 is currently evaluating the "water only" portion of the clothes washer rebate program for the 2017 Calendar Year and anticipates making a determination by the end of January. Please check back for program updates.


Earn a combined water-energy rebate of $150 for your purchase of a qualified "ENERGY STAR Most Efficient" clothes washer. This is a joint program offered by Zone 7 and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Customers can apply for either rebate through PG&E.

Check out

  • For an Energy Star Most Efficient Clothes Washer rebate application, click here.

Information also is available by calling your local water utility (Dublin San Ramon Services District, Califoria Water Service Company or Cities of Livermore or Pleasanton), or the utility's conservation department. Rebate applications also are available at stores where high-efficiency washing machines are sold. 

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- To view Zone 7's water conservation page, click here.