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Full Agenda

Links to items for which there are written reports:

6. Minutes

7. Consent Calendar

  1. ACWA Region 5 Board Election
  2. Authorization for Director Quigley to Attend the Annual CSDA Conference
  3. Professional Services Contract for Board Room A/V Equipment and Installation Services
  4. Collaborating Partnership with Imagine H20
  5. Consider Amending Strategic Planning Priorities
  6. Joint Community Facilities Agreement between Zone 7, City of Dublin, and Dublin Crossing, LLC
  7. Agreement with Vulcan Materials Company to Extend a Second Pipeline, Repair Slopes and Install a Drainage System at Cope Lake
  8. Establishing Program for Administrative Support of Private Flood Control and Erosion Projects
  9. Personnel Action: New Job Classification - Retired Annuitant

8. Staffing Update

  1. Employee of the Month Recognition
  2. New Employee Introductions

9. Award of Contracts for the DVWTP Clearwell Recoating Project

10. Support Services for Completion of Emergency Bank Stabilization at 7852 Foothill Rd., Pleasanton

12. Reports - Directors

    b.  Written report by Director Quigley
    c.  Written report by Director Palmer
14. Staff Reports (Information items. No action will be taken.)

  1. General Manager's Report
  2. Legislative Update
  3. Outreach Activities
  4. Water Inventory and Demand Update
  5. California WaterFix Quarterly Update
  6. FE Capital Project Update
  7. Flood Protection Program 2016 Annual Report