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18-33   Property Management and Maintenance Services Contract for Zone 7 North Canyons Office
18-34   Professional Services Contract with Bluestone Engineering for Structural Engineering Support Services
18-35   Contract Amendment with Therma LLC for HVAC Services at 100 North Canyons Parkway
18-36   Approving Personnel Action:  Buyer I, Zone 7
18-37   Amendment to Contract with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore for Human Resources and Labor Related Legal Services 
18-38   Contract for Design Services for Chain of Lakes Well No. 1 Facility Stabilization Project
18-39   Living Arroyos Program FY 18/19 - 21/22
18-40   Award of Contract for Embankment Slope Mowing Services 
18-41   Approving Miscellaneous Expenses for Board Meetings and Staff Meetings and Other Agency Events 
18-42   Adopting Investment Policy and Delegating Authority to Deposit and Invest Funds to the Treasurer 
18-43   Environmental Vegetation Technical Services Contracts and Eligibility List 
18-44   Award of 2018 Rehabilitation of Flood Control Channels, Phase 1 (FEMA DR 4301) Construction Contract, Project No. 267-18
18-45    Commendation for Carl Morrison