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Full Agenda

Links to items for which there are written reports:

6. Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of April 18, 2018

8. Consent Calendar

  1. Property Management and Maintenance Services Contract for North Canyons Office
  2. Professional Services Contract for Structural Engineering Support Services
  3. Contract Amendment with Therma LLC for HVAC Services for Office Building
  4. Personnel Action: Buyer I, Zone 7
  5. Amendment to Contract with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore for Human Resources and Labor-Related Legal Services
  6. Contract for Design Services for Chain of Lakes Well No. 1 Faciltiy Stabilization Project
  7. Living Arroyos Program Task Order Authorization
  8. Award of Contract for Embankment Slope Mowing Services
  9. Authorizing for Miscellaneous Expenses for Board Meetings and Staff Meetings and Other Agency Events

9. Staffing Update

  1. Employee of the Month
  2. Recent Employee Activities

10. Presentations by Science and Engineering Fair Awardees

11. Filling the Vacancy on Board of Directors

12. Investment Policy

13. Joint Tri-Valley Potable Reuse Technical Feasibility Study

14. Professional Services Contracts for As-Needed Environmental Vegetation Technical Services

15. 2018 Rehabilitation of Flood Control Channels, Phase 1 (FEMA DR 4301)

16. Commendation for Carl Morrison

21. Minutes of the Livermore Valley Water Financing Authority Regular Meeting of April 18, 2018

24. Committees:

  1. Finance Committee Meeting – May 3, 2018 – notes
  2. Water Resources Committee Meeting – May 3, 2018 – notes

27. Staff Reports (Information items. No action will be taken.)

  1. General Manager's Report
  2. Legislative Update
  3. April Outreach Activities
  4. Capital Projects Status Report
  5. Water Inventory and Water Budget Update
  6. Flood Protection Program 2017 Annual Report
  7. Update on Zone 7 Vehicle Fleet Report
  8. FY 2017-18 Unaudited Third Quarter Revenue and Expenditure (R&E) Report
  9. Investment Report as of March 31, 2018