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09-3210   Lease Agreement with the Cities of Livermore and Pleasanton as Lessors and Zone 7 as a Lessee
09-3211   Executing a Professional Services Contract with Miller Pacific Geotechnical Engineers for Geotechnical and Project Planning Services
09-3212   Executing the Municipal Water Investigations (MWQI) Agreement with the Department of Water Resources and the Specific Project Agreement with the State Water Project Contractors Authority for Calendar Years 2008 Through 2010
09-3213   Addition of One Position in the Classification Assistant Water Resources Planner
09-3214   Recommending Director Quigley for a Membership on ACWA's Region 5 Board
09-3215   Reimbursing Director Quigley for Necessary Expenses Associated with Attending the California Special District Association (CSDA)'s Annual Conference 7 Exhibitor Showcase
09-3216   Construction Contract Award for the Chain of Lakes Well Nos. 1 & 2 – Facilities and Sitework, Project Number 180-08
09-3217   Construction Contract Award for the New Monitoring Key Wells – Bernal and Livermore, Project Number 190-08