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15-16   Joint Funding Agreement with USGS for Annual Stream Gauge Operations and Maintenance
15-17   Amending Contracts for Records Management Software Equipment and Support Services
15-18   Proclaiming the Week of October 20-25, 2014 to be California Flood Preparedness Week
15-19   Approval of One Unfunded Position for Buyer I/II
15-20   Zone 7 Fiscal Year 15/16 Capital Improvement Program Tea-Year Water System Plan and Five-Year Flood Protection Plan
15-21   Revised Resolution – Proposal B Adoption of the Treated Water Service Rates for 2015 & 2016 (3%-3%)
15-22   Adoption of the Untreated Water Rates for 2015
15-23   Connection Fees for the Zone 7 and Dougherty Valley Service Areas Effective January 1, 2015
15-24   Floodway/Floodplain Agreement and Maintenance Mitigation Area Agreement
15-25   Covenant and Deed Restriction for Mitigation Area