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Zone 7 requires an encroachment permit prior to activities or construction that will be conducted within the agency's property, easements, or rights-of-way. These permits help protect the region's water supply and flood control facilities, ensure the safety of nearby residents and passers-bys, and ensure that Zone 7's facilities are restored to their original condition. Zone 7's encroachment permit is separate from other city or public agency permits.

Zone 7 charges a permit processing fee of $50 for minor encroachments and $200 for major encroachments to cover administrative costs. Zone 7 may also charge applicants costs associated with project investigation, plan review and field inspections. Click here for permit guidelines and general provisions.

For most encroachment permits, please submit your completed encroachment permit application, required supporting documentation, and non-refundable permit fee to John Koltz at Zone 7 Water Agency, 100 North Canyons Parkway, Livermore, California 94551 or call him at (925) 454-5067 for additional information. Typically, Zone 7 issues permit within two to five working days, but permit issuance for projects requiring field inspections can take up to 20 working days.

For permits related to Zone 7 flood protection property, contact Jessica Traynor at the above address or at 925-454-5021.