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***Important Update*** All construction projects that follow the Construction Project Safety Protocols included with the order in Appendix B will be allowed to proceed.

Zone 7 Water Agency is the Administering Agency for Alameda County's "Water Wells Ordinance" (General Ordinance Number 0-2015-20) in Eastern Alameda County.

Any new well, well destruction, or well casing reconstruction (to extend, replace, or reperforate), including cathodic protection wells, must be permitted by Zone 7 before commencement of work. In addition, wells out of use for more than one year must either be permitted for destruction or reclassified as inactive by sending us a completed Zone 7 Statement of Future Well Use form.  

Also, any soil, soil vapor, or groundwater sampling project involving a temporary boring greater than ten feet deep, including exploratory or remedial work, must be permitted by Zone 7 Water Agency.

How to Apply for a Drilling Permit

1.  Determine whether proposed project is within Zone 7's jurisdiction, which includes Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, Sunol, and all incorporated areas in eastern Alameda County, as shown on the Jurisdiction Map.

2.  Download and complete the Application for Drilling Permit.

3.  Add a sitemap showing proposed well or boring locations.

4.  For supply wells, additionally download and complete the Supply Well Supplemental Form. Types of supply wells include domestic, irrigation, livestock, municipal, dewatering, and industrial wells.

5.  Review standard well construction and well/borehole seal requirements outlined in Zone 7's drilling Permit Conditions.

6.  Permit fees are payable by check (made out to "Zone 7 Water Agency") or cash at Zone 7's administrative offices in Livermore. Credit cards and Paypal are not accepted at this time. See Drilling Permit Fee Schedule for appropriate amount.

7.  Application, sitemap, and payment must be received by Zone 7 Water Agency at least ten business days before proposed start date. Submit documents with attention to "Drilling Permits" as follows:

Zone 7 Water Agency
Attn:  Drilling Permits
100 North Canyons Parkway
Livermore, CA  94551-948

Documents may also be emailed to, however, a permit cannot be issued until the permit fees have been paid.

8.  Email Zone 7 at to schedule inspection at least 24 hours prior to drilling, and provide start time and phone number of your on-site representative.

9.  Within 60 days, submit a Well Completion Report on-line to DWR. In the field next to "Owner's Well Number", enter the owner's well number, if one exists, and state well number provided by Zone 7 in the drilling permit. Also, select "Zone 7 Water Agency - Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District" from the "Local Permit Agency" pulldown menu. See Sample Completion Report for an example of a properly filled out Well Completion Report. Submit a copy of report to Zone 7 Water Agency.

10. For additional information, email or call 925-454-5000.

Permit Application 

Permit Documents and Tools