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October 19-26 is California Flood Preparedness Week. It's time to... 

Be Aware! Be Prepared! Take Action!

1. Be Aware of your Risk
  • Know whether your home is in a flood zone and what type of flooding is likely in your area.
2. Be Prepared
  • Make a flood emergency kit. This includes a list of important phone numbers, medication, flash light, batteries and a radio.
  • Make an evacuation plan. If your community is flooding, you may not be able to drive on your usual roads.
  • Make a plan to communicate with family members if you should leave home.
  • Check into the national flood insurance program. Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover this type of flooding.
3. Take Action
  • If your community is flooding:
    • Stay informed by listening to the news
  • Always evacuate if you are directed to do so. Help may not be able to get to you later if you stay home.
  • Never try to drive through a flooded street. Just 6” of water can stall or float most cars. If you can’t drive out, get to the highest area in your home or building.
  • Know where to obtain sandbags to protect your home and property. Local resources can be found here.

Volunteer Opportunity!

Zone 7 has prepared the “canvas” for the initial painting stages of the Arroyo Seco Mural Pilot Project. The Art & Design Club is painting Sundays through the end of October and they are looking for volunteers to help make this project a reality. All ages are welcome! Click here to RSVP.


2019 Flood Protection Maintenance Projects

Zone 7 works hard to maintain the integrity of your flood protection system. This summer’s planned, current, and completed construction projects on Zone 7 flood control channels, as well as potential impacts to trails, can be viewed on this map. Please check back regularly for updates.

2019 Maintenance Projects Interactive Map

2019 Maintenance map


The High-Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebate Program is Back!

Zone 7 Water and the local water agencies are offering a rebate of up to $75 rebate for the purchase and installation of a qualifying ENERGY STAR Most Efficient labeled high-efficiency clothes washers on the program’s Qualifying Product List.  Check the list before you purchase your new machine because the list changes on a monthly basis.  This program applies to purchases from June 20, 2019 to December 31, 2020, or until funds are exhausted.  Click here for program details and application.


Zone 7's Schools Program

Last year we visted over 660 classrooms in our service area. With the school year starting up, now is the time to reserve your space. We offer standards based in-class presentations from kindergarten to high school. Spaces do fill up, so contact us today and help us foster future water leaders for our community.

 SchoolsFlyer Facebook Ad 1200x628

Zone 7 Water Agency 2018 Annual Consumer Confidence Report 

We are proud to report that all water supplied during 2018 met the regulatory standards set by the state and federal governments and, in almost all cases, the quality was significantly better than required.  This report is an overview of last year’s water quality, which includes details about your source(s) of water, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies.  As your water wholesaler, our mission is to provide a reliable supply of high quality water.  We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources.  We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water and to providing you with this information because informed customers are our best allies. If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water, please contact our Water Quality Manager, Gurpal Deol at 925-447-0533. 

 CCR 2018 Image

Strategic Planning Priorities

Zone 7 establishes Strategic Planning Priorities in order to focus on its most immediate needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These Strategic Planning Priorities have been updated for 2019 and can be viewed at the bottom of Zone 7's Misson, Vision & Values page, along with the previous 2017 Strategic Planning Priorities.


Major Capital Project Updates

Zone 7 implements capital improvement projects to continue providing a reliable supply of high quality water, flood protection, and groundwater basin management. Click on the links below to obtain more information about the major projects in progress:


Sustainable Groundwater Management Plan

Zone 7 Water Agency is the governing Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) for the Livermore Valley Groundwater Basin and has managed the Basin sustainably for more than 40 years. Zone 7 submitted an Alternative Groundwater Sustainability Plan in accordance with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) adopted by the State Legislature in 2014. As required by SGMA, Zone 7 completed its most recent Annual Report for the Sustainable Groundwater Management Program 2018 Water Year.


Proposed Changes to Mining and Reclamation Activities in the Chain of Lakes Area

The County of Alameda has started an environmental review process related to proposed changes in mining and reclamation activities in the Chain of Lakes area, primarily near Lakes A and B.  Please see the link below for recent public notice documents from the County of Alameda and refer to the County's Neighborhood Preservation and Sustainability Pending Projects page for a complete list of documents and updates.

County of Alameda Eliot Quarry Surface Mining Permit Noticing


Preliminary Lake Use Evaluation for the Chain of Lakes (2014)

The purposes of this 2014 study are to identify which potential lake uses may be more suitable for individual former quarries – especially where conflicting proposed alternatives uses may exist – and provide a framework for evaluating proposed uses as lakes are transferred to Zone 7 ownership. The evaluation generally does not preclude any given lake from distinct uses, but instead provides a tool for examining the benefits or impacts associated with a proposed use.

Preliminary Lake Use Evaluation for the Chain of Lakes


"Living Arroyos" Program

This partnership aims to restore the urban streams and streamside habitats of the Livermore-Amador Valley while continuing to protect drinking water supplies and prevent flooding. To learn more, including about volunteer opportunities, visit our Living Arroyos page.

Water Wise WebsiteWater-Wise Gardening Tips Online!

Tri-Valley Water-Wise Gardening is an interactive website loaded with lots of useful information specifically for Tri-Valley gardeners. It includes photos, a searchable plant database, water-saving tips, and much more!